Multipurpose Mixer for oils and fats refining

Multipurpose Mixer for oils and fats refining

Multipurpose Mixer Application

MM multipurpose mixers are specially designed to meet the specific mixing requirements of the oils and fats refining. MM multipurpose mixers have been widely used for degumming, acid conditioning and neutralization process.

The MM multipurpose mixer is a high-shear mixer that operates on the principle of fluid dynamic turbulence. The mixer features a rotor that creates a high-speed vortex in the mixing tank. The vortex draws in the liquid from the top and circulates it back down, creating a powerful mixing action.

The rotor of the MM mixer is equipped with mixing blades that are designed to produce shear forces that break down and disperse particles in the mixing tank. This high-shear mixing ability is incredibly effective at producing emulsions, suspensions, and other types of highly dispersed products.

The mixer is capable of handling a broad range of viscosities and can operate at a wide range of speeds. It can be used for both batch and continuous mixing applications and is suitable for use with a wide range of materials, including powders, liquids, and slurries.

Working principle

Special designed dual mixing chamber makes it possible to combine high-intensity dispersion (in the upper chamber) with a preset contact time (in the lower chamber). This means that MM multipurpose mixer is suitable for use in a wide variety of mixing activities, including operating under more delicate mixing conditions.

With two separate inlets, one at the top and the other one at the bottom. it is possible to feed oil directly into the dispersion section, and then gradually into the mixing section, as required. Mixing can thus be done as flexibly as possible, and is easy to optimize. This solution also has the added advantage of preventing emulsions from forming.


– Fluid dynamic turbulence and high-shear mixing with the help of the rotor and mixing blades
– The ability to handle a wide range of viscosities and speeds
– Suitable for both batch and continuous mixing applications
– Suitable for a wide range of materials, including powders, liquids, and slurries
– Versatility and efficiency making it an excellent tool for a variety of applications
– Easy to install, operate and maintain
– High mixing efficiency with minimal holdup volume and low power consumption
– Designed for hygienic applications with easy cleaning and sanitizing features.

Multipurpose Mixer Specifications

DesignationCapacity (tpd)Volume (L)Power (Kw)Speed (rpm)Weight (Kg)
MM60200484.0 960160
MM804501107.5 960300
MM9070017011.0 960450
MM100100026018.5 960550

Overall, the MM multipurpose mixer from SEPARATECH is a versatile and efficient machine that uses fluid dynamic turbulence and high-shear mixing to produce highly dispersed products.