Batch Centrifugal Machine

Batch centrifugal machine is a fully automatic centrifuge with mechanical scraper discharge. It separates sugar/glucose/dextrose crystals and honey under the action of centrifugal force field, and scrapes the sugar material from the bowl wall through the radial and axial movement of the scraper to complete the unloading process. The machine is equipped with a water washing device, which can fully wash the materials and meet the needs of the sugar making process. All parts that contact with the material are made of either stainless steel SUS30400 or duplex stainless steel UNS S32205.

Batch centrifugal machine

– Adopt AC variable frequency drive, in the cycle automatic cycle operation, the variable frequency stepless speed regulation can meet the requirements of low-speed feeding, high-speed separation, low-speed unloading and other speed requirements to the greatest extent. According to the change of material properties, the corresponding speed point can be provided to achieve the optimal operation.
– Generate electricity when braking during deceleration can convert the mechanical energy of the bowl into electrical energy, and make it a pollution-free green energy feedback grid through the inverter device and LCL filter. The energy saving effect is remarkable.
– Electrical control adopts programmable logic controller (PLC). The 10-inch color touch screen can set the time of each process, and can display the real-time working status of each process. The operation is flexible, simple and convenient.
– The whole machine is controlled by electric, pneumatic and mechanical combination to realize the automatic cycle operation of each process.
– The parts in contact with the material are made of austenitic stainless steel, so that the sugar, paste and honey are clean and hygienic.
– The overall structure is compact and the operation is stable.
– Large capacity, high speed, high separation efficiency, large production capacity, high degree of automation, low noise and low labor intensity.

suspended batch centrifuge
Batch type centrifugal machine working principle
batch type centrifugal machine working principle

– Start: The motor is controlled by the inverter to run.
– Feeding: the drum is raised to the feeding speed, the lower sugar gate and the upper sugar gate are opened successively for feeding, the compressed air in the cylinder of the feeding sensor is released under the control of the solenoid valve, the piston rod is retracted, and the control block is reset under the action of the spring force , so that the travel switch is disconnected, the sensor arm is turned into the drum, and the feeding sensor starts to work to detect the feeding situation. With the addition of massecuite, the sugar layer continues to thicken, pushes the sensor to contact the plate, and makes the control block rotate against the spring force through the rotating shaft until the travel switch sends a signal, and closes the upper sugar gate (butterfly valve) to complete the feeding process. Compressed air is introduced into the cylinder, and the piston rod extends to push the control block to rotate, so that the sensor contact plate leaves the sugar surface, and at the same time, the motor speed is increased, and the water washing device sprays the sugar gate and the bottom of the closure cover.

batch centrifugals

– Removal of raw honey: The drum speed is increased to 930 r/min and maintained at a steady speed. This stage is the recovery of raw honey.
– Washing: After the recovery of the raw honey, the drum continues to speed up, and the washing starts at the same time. (The number of washes and the interval time can be set as required)
– De-washing honey: After washing, enter into drying. At this time, the drum speed is stable at 1320 r/min, and the discharged liquid is washed honey.
– Deceleration: After drying, the centrifuge decelerates, and the inverter is in feedback braking. At this time, the motor becomes a generator, and the inverter converts mechanical energy into electrical energy and feeds back to the grid.
– Unloading: When the speed of unloading is reduced, the closing cover is opened, the rotating cylinder of the scraper device operates, the scraper frame rotates (its rotation direction is opposite to the rotating direction of the drum), and the scraper gradually cuts the feeding layer until the drum wall, and the A week’s worth of material scraped off. Then the scraper lifts the cylinder to drive the scraper to move down, so that the scraper scrapes the material from the drum wall from top to bottom to complete the unloading process. The scraped glucose is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the drum. After the scraper stays in the lower part for a certain period of time, the solenoid valve will automatically change direction, the scraper will be reset from bottom to top, and reset from outside to inside.

batch type centrifugal machine