Chamber Bowl Separator

Chamber bowl separator is solid-bowl centrifuge with annular inserts, which divide the bowl separation chamber into several concentric annular chambers. It is mainly used for clarifying liquid, as well as recovery solids from suspensions.

Working principle of chamber bowl separator

chamber bowl separator

The suspension flows through the individual chambers from the inside to the outside, whereby the solids deposit in the chambers. The clarified liquid discharges under gravity over an overflow weir (regulating ring) or is discharged under pressure by means of a centripetal pump.
Chamber bowl separator must be shut down to empty chamber bowl separator; the separated solids are removed manually.

Features for chamber bowl separator

– Due to their discontinuous operating mode, chamber bowl separator are suitable particularly for batch processing.
– Chamber bowl separator features excellent flow characteristics inside the bowl. They are therefore ideal for polishing suspensions, i.e., for separating smallest solid contents.
– Due to the long retention time in the centrifugal field, the separated solids are recovered in a very compact state.
– Chamber bowl separator can be used when processing with centrifuges equipped with an automatic discharge system is not possible owing to certain characteristics of the solids like insufficient shear stability or excessive erosive effect.

Applications for chamber bowl separator

human blood fractionation
– chemical products
– pharmaceutics
– mineral processing