Self-cleaning Disk Separator

Disk separator with self-cleaning bowl is equipped with a stack of conical disks to create a large equivalent clarification area within a relatively small bowl volume. The self-cleaning disc separators are likewise available as versions for clarification and separation.

Disc separators with self-cleaning bowl are able to periodically discharge the separated solids at full speed. For this purpose, several ports are spaced evenly around the bowl periphery. These ports are opened and closed by means of a movable sliding piston located in the bowl bottom. The opening mechanism is actuated hydraulically. Water is normally used as a control medium; in special cases, low-viscous organic fluids can also be used.

This opening mechanism enables both partial ejections and total ejections. Total ejections involve discharging the entire contents of the bowl with closed feed valve. In the case of a partial ejection, by contrast, only part of the bowl contents is ejected with open feed valve.